Go Train Commute Times To Union Station

For people working in the downtown Toronto core, the commute into Union Station is a huge factor when deciding on a place to call home. The GO Train is a solid option to commute from further away suburbs. Some use the commuting time to sleep, while others use it do get a head start on the work day. There are a few stations so close to Union that the train ride could be as short as 15 minutes. Farther GO Stations are supplemented with express service trains at certain times to faciliate shorter travel times.

Here's a breakdown of the current GO Train lines as of January 2019 and their commute times.

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Interesting Articles from Dec 2018

Here's my monthly summary of good reads on Toronto's real estate condo market.

Toronto condo party to sober up in 2019 - Calls for a cautious short-term but confidence remains that prices will continue to rise due to supply constraints along with Toronto's growth prospects.

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Commuting by car from South Etobicoke to Downtown Toronto

For those who commute by car downtown, you'll be glad to hear that travel times are reasonable.

Gardiner morning commute traffic

There are three main routes from the Etobicoke South area heading into downtown Toronto. There's the Queensway to the North, the Gardiner Expressway (pictured above) slightly to the south, and further south of that Lakeshore Blvd. All three of these eventually converge close together at Jameson, just before Exhibition place. From there, Queensway splits into Queen St and King st, whereas Gardiner and Lakeshore continue their paths downtown.

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Does a big brand brokerage matter when listing a property?

Today we will shed some light on the highly debated question of "Does a Big Brokerage Brand Name Matter?" when selling a home. Most reputable real estate brokerages insist on charging the industry standard of 2.5% commission for selling your property. So for example, on a $500,000 home, this would equate to $12,500. Let's have a quick breakdown of what you're paying for:

the 5 pillars of a listing agent's job

The size of the components above are based on what you are actually paying for.

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